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How do Defrosters Work?


When you defrost the windshield of your car there is a lot more that goes on than simply blowing hot air. Unlike other heater settings, the defroster utilizes other parts of the heating and cooling systems in order to keep the interior of the car free of ice, condensation and fog.

The basic operation is simple, fresh air is taken from outside the vehicle and drawn through the evaporator inside the air conditioner. This means the AC is on and functioning while the defroster is working, even though it isn’t blowing out cold air. From there, it is pulled through the heater core where it is warmed before being blown against the windows.

The most important aspect of a defrosters operation is humidity control. In order to keep the interior windshield free of ice and fog, the interior of the car needs to be as dry as possible. To help the defroster operate more efficiently, knock as much snow off your shoes as possible before getting in the vehicle and, after the interior of the car is warmed up, roll down the windows for a few seconds. These tips will limit the water in the car and let the evaporated water escape more readily.

Of course, this only affects the inside of the car. To prevent ice buildup on your wipers, use Everblades® heated windshield wipers. These wipers contain dual heating elements, one in the squeegee and the other on the wiper arm. This two layered attack is a surefire way to prevent any form of ice or snow buildup

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