Refill Instructions

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Everblades Heated Windshield Wiper Blades


  • Bending or twisting any portion of the wiper blades may cause damage and poor wiping.
  • Keep wires from sharp edges in all steps.
  • Most customers purchase complete blade assemblies, making the replacement process even quicker and easier. You can skip steps 1,3,4,5 and part of 7!
  1. Remove black ties securing the wires to the wiper blade structure holder by cutting them.
  2. Unplug wire connector plugs (one on each end of individual blade = 4 connectors)
    1. Pull the wire connectors apart using one hand on both ends of the connector.
    2. (You have to slip your fingernails under the little ears on the connectors so that they will release.)
  3. Squeeze the end of the clip (found at one end of the wiper blade) in order to allow the clip to be pulled straight out.
  4. Remove old wiper blade and metal strip.
  5. Insert the metal strip on the NEW blade onto the blade holder until the clip SNAPS.
    1. Slide it onto one end of the blade holder and work it through all the claws that hold the metal strip in place.
    2. The refill should not pull off once the clip SNAPS.
  6. Reconnect each of the 4 wire connectors (two per windshield wiper).
  7. Use the black ties (supplied with refills) to secure the wires to the blade structure and wiper arm. CAUTION: Do NOT restrict the wire or the blade action by pulling the wire taught.

If you purchase a complete blade assembly you can skip steps 1,3,4,5 and part of 7. Instead, you just remove the entire assembly from the wiper arm and replace it.

  • Turn wiper heater switch ON to make sure wiper blades heat.
    • If they DON’T heat — recheck your connections at all points.
    • If no heat in a few minutes, check fuses and connections.
    • Make sure both grounds are GOOD.
    • If they DO heat — you have been successful!
    • You could sing or hum “I Can See Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash!
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