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Everblades Replacement Instructions


  • Bending or twisting any portion of the wiper blades may cause damage and poor wiping.
  • Keep wires from sharp edges in all steps.


  1. Stop your wipers in a vertical position.

  2. Remove the zip ties from the wiper arm above the barrel connectors.

  3. Disconnect the inline barrel connectors.

    • No worries on remembering which ones went to what, they can be reattached vice versa.
  4. Remove the entire wiper assembly from the wiper arm.

  5. Attach new replacement assembly to the wiper arm.

  6. Re-attach the barrel connectors.

  7. Use the black ties (supplied with refills) to secure the wires to the wiper arm.

    • CAUTION: Do NOT restrict the wire or the blade action by pulling the wire taught.



  1. Turn wiper heater switch ON to make sure wiper blades heat.

  • If they DON’T heat — recheck your connections at all points.
  • If no heat in a few minutes, check fuses and connections.
  • Make sure both grounds are GOOD.
  • If they DO heat — you have been successful!
  • You could sing or hum “I Can See Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash!


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Order Your Wiper Blade Refills Today!