Installation Instructions



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  1. LIMITED 1-YEAR WARRANTY – Parts and workmanship of windshield wipers warranted for 1 year.
  2. WARNING! Do not hook to more than 14 volts DC!
  3. WARNING! Bending or twisting any portion of the wiper blades may cause damage/poor wiping.
  4. CAUTION: Keep wires from sharp edges in all steps. Use care when installing wire ties so wipers are allowed to flex —don’t pull ties or wires too tight!
  5. CAUTION: The insulated heater wire that runs along the frame on heated frame versions can get VERY HOT – 300 degrees or so! Turn off the heat and allow it to cool a bit before handling or severe burns could result!
  6. CAUTION: Everblades® are not a defroster; they work with your defroster. If the windshield is frozen, turn the heat on to the wiper blades and let them heat up before starting wiper blade action. Also, turn on the inside defroster. Turn the wiper blade action “ON” when you see water running down the blades on the outside.


  1. Mount illuminated on/off switch in convenient dash or under-dash location.
  2. Hook blue wire to GOOD ground.
  3. Attach red wire to a switched circuit.
    NOTE: A “switched” circuit is one that is OFF when the ignition is OFF.
    For example, if your switch is lit with the ignition OFF, the attachment is wrong.
  4. Turn windshield wiper switch and ignition “ON”.
  5. Check that the switch light is “ON” = system connected properly.
    NOTE: Power will be supplied to the heater elements only when the switch light is “ON”.
  6. Run black wire from switch through firewall of vehicle.
    NOTE: You have the option of running around the firewall.


  1. Remove existing wiper blade assemblies from wiper arms. NOTE: Keep old adapters until Everblades® are installed – they may be useful!


  1. Clean the windshield completely from oil, and wax before using Everblades® heated windshield wipers.
  2. If windshield and wiper blades are not clean prior to using Everblades®, they may streak, smear or chatter – you will be dissatisfied.


  1. Mount heated wiper blade assembly using adapters supplied or adapters saved from previous wipers.
  2. Run black wires down the wiper arms to base, leaving a small loop for arm action.
  3. Allow wipers to flex —DO NOT pull wires tight.
  4. Secure wire to wiper arms with black plastic ties.
  5. Run remaining wire under the hood.
  6. Attach hook connectors to GOOD ground.
  7. Hook wires to mating connectors.
  8. Test wiper heat by turning “ON” the engine and lighted toggle switch. NOTE: Wiper blades should feel warm to the touch in a few minutes.
  9. Sing or hum “I Can See Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash.


  • If no heat in a few minutes, check fuses and connections.

  • Make sure both grounds are GOOD.

  • We can usually accommodate special applications.

  • Wiper blade lengths from 12 inches to 28 inches.

  • Available for most Foreign and Domestic Cars, Trucks and Buses.

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