About Us

We often hear from our customers, prior to their first order, that they hadn’t heard of heated wiper blades and weren’t aware that these have been on the market for decades. Owner, Ben Halonen, is proud of the driver safety improvements that Everblades Heated Windshield Wipers bring to roadways around the world.

A Windshield Wiper Designed for the Driver

Everblades are made for real drivers, and Ben is happy that the Everblade heated wiper blade product not only increases visibility, but also reduces the hassle of winter driving with snow and ice.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. Our clients talk and we listen, which led to the redesign of the windshield wipers in 2007 to improve both performance and durability. Our team listens and takes action on feedback of the blade system and always answers the phone. If you have a question or want to place an order, you can contact us knowing you’ll get a real person, each and every time. With Everblades heated wiper blades, you can drive safe on the roadways, free of icy wiper blades, backed by a family-owned business that cares.


Begin seeing clearly with Everblades Heated Windshield Wipers!