Winter weather presents a big challenge for truck drivers. Blowing snow and ice buildup on the windshield slows things down, adding undue stress to the drive. With Everblades heated wiper blades, drivers experience a clear and streak-free view of the road.

Everblades are engineered with calibrated-heating elements that radiate a scorching 230ºF of heat throughout the premium silicon blade and metal frame, melting ice and snow on contact for increased visibility and efficiency.

Everblades is proud to make a product that truck drivers can rely on. Our windshield wipers are designed, manufactured, and tested in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where record snow falls and winters create a constant challenge for drivers. Everblades are built tough to face the challenge and will keep working effectively through any weather, even when it’s 40 below.

Drivers without Everblades heated wipers are often forced to find a place to park and to climb up their cab to clear their windshield wipers. This causes lost time on the road, and changing your windshield wipers every couple of months is cumbersome and time-consuming. Our wipers are engineered with calibrated-heating elements that radiate heat throughout the premium silicon blade. The system works in conjunction with the vehicle’s defroster to keep your windshield clear and free of ice and snow.

Everblades wipers are perfect for truck drivers because semi-trucks are more susceptible to the dangerous buildup of ice and snow on windshield wipers compared to smaller vehicles. A semi’s windshield is typically more vertical and is meeting the wind and elements head on. All drivers struggle with keeping their wipers clean, but truck drivers are faced with an even bigger challenge. Our heated wiper blades increase overall efficiency and safety.


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