GMC Sierra And Chevrolet Silverado Pickups


We now have a new heated contour beam blade suitable for the late 2007 and

later GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado pickups! Our #6722OE is a heated

beam blade that fits pinch tab and pushbutton mounting styles. It is the same

price as our other products. (It does not feature the heated frame, as there is

no frame on these blades!)  If you have any questions, please give

us a call at 800-746-0428.

Top Winter Priorities: Wiper Blades & Antifreeze!

If you have been following along with us here on the Everblades blog, you probably already know what a difference winter wiper blades can make for you. Winter goes by much more pleasantly when you are not parked on the side of the road, trying to clear ice and snow from your wipers in below zero temperatures and near white [...]

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Before Heated Wiper Blades…

Did you know that windshields were used before cars were called cars, when people drove “horseless carriages”? And that prior to the use of windshields, drivers relied on goggles to protect themselves from debris? One must wonder – did the goggles have wiper blades for inclement weather conditions?Before heated wiper blades came windshields, and many, many different versions of wiper [...]

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Highway Safety & Speed Limits

For Everblades, highway safety is a top concern. In fact, that’s why Everblades Heated Windshield Wipers exist in the first place because increased visibility means safer driving conditions and your windshield wipers are an important component of that. Another potentially major factor for the welfare of all on the road is the speeds at which vehicles are traveling.You may have [...]

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Analyzing Automated Windshield Wipers & Vehicle Systems

With self-driving cars looming in the horizon of the automotive industry, one can see the technology world colliding with the future of vehicles. But many of these new automated features are currently available and being utilized around the world. The question is whether this is a positive move for road safety. Let’s look at three currently available vehicle features as [...]

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Windshield Wipers, Fuel Efficiency & Gas Prices = Big Savings!

“Can you believe the price of gas these days?” We have all had that conversation in recent years, as the cost of a gallon of gas became unreasonable overnight. And there hadn’t been any sign of relief, as those numbers just kept rising. All of a sudden, the conversation has changed. “Can you believe the price of gas?” has [...]

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Do Smart Cars Make Drivers Safer?

Smart phones, smart TVs, smart homes….smart cars? The world loves technology, and the auto industry is delivering. One of the hottest issues in auto news right now is automated cars – vehicles that computerize certain features, or simply get rid of the need for human drivers completely. As with any technological movement, driverless cars are praised by some and [...]

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Diagnosing Windshield Wiper Problems

When your windshield wipers stop working properly, it is not only annoying but potentially dangerous. That’s why it is so important to visually inspect and test your windshield wipers on a regular basis, as well as practicing best care. But how can you tell what the actual problem is?1st Step – Check the Windshield Wipers The first thing to [...]

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Safe Holiday Driving Tips from Everblades

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer, but it is also the season of snow, low visibility, and bad road conditions. As this is a time of year where tons of people travel great distances to spend quality time with family and friends, highway safety is a top priority for us all. That’s why Everblades has put together this list [...]

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Make Snow Plow Maintenance a Priority

Tis the season for snow! If you live in a region that gets quite a few inches, being able to plow yourself can save you money and hassle. And operating a snow removal business can be a great source of income. But snow plow trucks and the plows themselves must be well-maintained to take on the winter challenge. Ideally, [...]

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