GMC Sierra And Chevrolet Silverado Pickups

30th Mar 2018

We now have a new heated contour beam blade suitable for the late 2007 andlater GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado pickups! Our #6722OE is a heated beam blade that fits pinch tab and pushbutton mount … read more

Before Heated Wiper Blades…

17th Feb 2015

Did you know that windshields were used before cars were called cars, when people drove “horseless carriages”? And that prior to the use of windshields, drivers relied on goggles to protect themselv … read more

Highway Safety & Speed Limits

7th Feb 2015

For Everblades, highway safety is a top concern. In fact, that’s why Everblades Heated Windshield Wipers exist in the first place because increased visibility means safer driving conditions and you … read more