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Keeping the windshield water free


Everblades heated windshield wipers are a great way of keeping snow and ice from accumulating on your wipers. They have two heating elements, one on the wiper arm and one in the squeegee, which melts snow and ice in no time. But what about the water that puts on the windshield? You certainly don’t want the water to stay on your windshield where it could refreeze.

A great companion to Everblades heated windshield wipers are a type of product called ‘hydrophobic polymers.’ These products come from many different companies, advertising that they keep water from sitting on your windshield. Using the combination of Everblades heated windshield wipers and any of these products will keep your wipers and windshield ice and water free.

As the wiper heats up and the water moves from the wiper to the windshield, the hydrophobic layer prevents the water from gaining any purchase on the glass. The water will bead up and roll right off the window. This prevents any type of refreeze, increasing your visibility and safety on the road.

There are several ways of applying a hydrophobic layer to your vehicle. The easiest way is through your windshield washer fluid. Every time you spray the window, it reapplies a small layer of material. Sometimes, that will create ‘dry’ patches in the corner of the windows where the wipers can’t spread the layer. For these spots you can use a direct application spray or cloth. Since the wipers aren’t constantly moving across that area, the layer will stay intact longer than the one applied by the washer fluid. Lastly, some car
washes have an option to include a hydrophobic application during the cleaning.

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