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Stay Safe With Heated Wiper Blades


Keeping your windshield clean and clear is critical during one of the worse winter years we’ve seen in many years. If you can"t see, you can"t drive safely, plain and simple.

Heated Windshield Wipers:

You"d be surprised how big a difference heated windshield wiper blades can make in the winter time. A heated wiper can mean the difference between stopping at every gas station to scrape the frost away, or enjoying a clean, clear view even in the coldest weather.   Our Everblades® Heated Windshield Wiper Blades have a heating element inside the blade activated by the wiring and switch right at your fingertips.  One flip and your heated windshield wiper blades melt the ice and snow away to ensure excellent winter storm driving keeping you and your load safe.

Raise the Wipers at Night:

When you raise the wipers, they"re a lot less likely to freeze to the glass. It"s a simple trick but it can do a lot to help you get on with your day when you wake up in the morning and will save you time waiting for your wipers to melt the ice.

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