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Everblades heated windshield wiper"Our department has been using Everblades for two years on all our police vehicles. Officer safety is an absolute must for law enforcement. Heated blades provide another tool to allow our officer to be safe when out in the worst weather. I strongly recommend that every squad car be outfitted with them to allow officers to be safe when patrolling our highways."
- Lt. Daniel Furseth, DeForest Police Departement (WI)
"When I first started using your blades I tried an experiment when I was driving from the [Upper Peninsula of Michigan] to New York.  I got into a snowstorm and let the snow build up on my blades until they were a couple of inches thick and not touching the windshield anymore.

Rather than pull off to clear them I turned on your heat.  In 2-3 minutes I could see water coming out of the snowpack.  In a couple minutes more the blades were again touching the windshield and making it so I could see clearly again.
This was a couple of years ago, but I am still committed to your product and recommend it to anyone that will listen!"

-Ray, Volvo Semi Driver
"These new silicone blades work really great! They're even better than the OEM blades that came on my truck!"
-Frank K. Lockport, IL
"Real happy with your blades. Didn't have to get out of my truck once last winter - didn't get my feet all snowy and slushy and wet while shakin' the ice off my blades!"
-John Y. Snow plow contractor Campbell Hall, NY
"These blades are the best thing since sliced bread!"
-John C. snowplow professional, Bellows Falls, VT
"I just had a chance to use my Everblades, they are the best! Not once did I have to snap my windshield wipers to get the ice off. I was out plowing for the last two days…and they were working great!"
-Bill D. Mertztown, PA
Everblades heated windshield wiper blades"I swear by 'em. Wouldn't want to drive through the mountains in the winter or in any blizzard without them on."
-Marv F. Long Haul Truck Driver Wharton, TX
"You guys must have @%^& good rubber! My heating element broke after 5 years, but the wipers kept wiping good for over 6 years. Other guys ask how I can afford such expensive wipers, and I tell them to figure out how much they spend changing wipers every 6 months or so!"
-Tim K . Long Haul Truck Driver Ellis, KS
"The only word that comes to mind when using your heated blades is WOW! You're right, 'You can see clearly now!'"
-Mike Y Town of Bayview, WI
"I purchased my Everblades a month or so ago…I love them!! They are great! It’s also good to finally see some good customer service!! I’ve been talking to my friends about you and your products."
-Kory M Sun Prairie, WI
"I purchased the Hotshot windshield washer system. It works great, however, if the blades are full of ice and snow they won't do much for you, even with hotshot."
-Dave R Springfield, MO
"OK, I just installed the Everblades heated wiper blade setup and the ice problem is GONE. This was certainly the test for the wipers if there was ever one. 15" of snow today and it's still coming down!"
-R I Hummer Veteran, RI
Everblades wiring harness"I need some refills! After 4 years of using them I was afraid maybe you weren't in business anymore, 'cause your phone was busy!"
-Kevin W, Trucker Stacy, MN

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