Improving Winter Visibility


It’s beginning to cool off and that means one thing – winter is coming. Hockey, skiing, and the holidays are all right around the corner. Along with all the fun winter brings, it also brings winter driving. Road accidents of all types increase during the winter and many of them come down to one major factor – decreased visibility.

No matter what time of the year it is, you are always going to find people driving too fast and not paying attention. During most of the year, these drivers are easy to spot off in the distance; but snow causes all that to change. Even a light snowfall decreases visibility both from the snow in the air and the snow on your car.

Since Everblades heated windshield wipers are made of quality material using time-tested methods, you can prevent one of the most common winter wiper problems – icy buildup. As a conventional wiper moves back and forth, ice and snow will build up around the blade and the arm. Eventually, this makes the wiper leave water streaks across your window. Since it builds from the center of the wiper outward, this streak is always right at eye level, making it a terrible driving hazard.

With Everblades heated windshield wipers, that is a thing of the past. Each blade has two heating filaments, one in the squeegee and one in the wiper structure. This stops ice from gathering anywhere on the wiper, leaving your windshield clear and ice free.

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