Winter Driving Tips


When it comes to keeping your car safe in the winter, and hence, keeping yourself safe, knowing how to drive safely in the cold is important, but keeping your car equipped for the winter is equally important. Here are some quick tips to making sure that your car stays reliable and safe in the winter.

Heated Wiper Blades…

The patented Everblades® Heated Wiper Blades are made with an engineered silicone rubber composite that maximizes their wiping efficiency and usable life compared to natural rubber windshield wiper blades.

OUR PROMISE: If Everblades® windshield wipers wear out in less than a year – we will replace them at no charge!

Making sure you have the right windshield wiper blades goes far in ensuring that no matter how cold it is, your wipers won't stick to the glass and frost up like conventional wipers.

Keep Your Fluids in Check

Keeping your fluids topped off is very important, especially when it comes to things like winter wiper fluid and antifreeze. If you let your fluids go down too far, you're going to wind up with a frozen engine.

Keep Your Tires Aired Up

You want to check your tires on a regular basis. For every ten degrees lower the temperature gets, you're going to lose about a pound of pressure per cubic inch. A common mistake people make is thinking that lowered air pressure will give you greater traction on mud and snow and ice. In truth, this only puts your car at risk.

Keep Your Car Clean

Believe it or not, a dirty car is an unsafe car in the winter. Dirty oil mixed with cold weather won't do your engine any favors, and dirty windows can make it hard to see the already-hazardous winter roads. Keep your car clean and you'll keep your car safe.

Knowing how to drive in the winter time is just as important as keeping your car prepared, keeping your fluids filled and keeping your chains in check, so drive safely and keep your car well maintained.

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