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Wiring Your Everblades


Everybody dreads the idea of a dead battery, and having one far from home during a winter storm just makes a bad situation worse. While Everblade heated windshield wipers can’t prevent you from leaving your headlights on, they are built with your battery in mind.

Everblades heated windshield wipers use two methods of preventing unwanted battery drain. First, when properly installed, heat may only travel to the wiper when the car is in an ‘ON’ position. In some vehicles, this means the engine must be running while others are ‘ON’ whenever accessory functions (such as a radio or cigarette lighter) are working. In either case, this will prevent most drivers from walking away and leaving the wipers heated.

The second method is the toggle switch itself. The switch contains a light that tells the user when it is on and functioning. Just place the switch someplace easy to see and it becomes even harder to leave your Everblades heated windshield wipers on unintentionally.

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