Heated Windshield Wiper Kit

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Everblades perfect fit

We manufacture all shapes and sizes of blades, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your vehicle. From 18 wheelers and snow plow trucks to buses and pickup trucks. Simply enter your year, make, and model below and we guarantee the Perfect Fit.

This is the full Everblades kit, the ultimate solution for winter drivers who live behind the wheel. These heated wiper blades are engineered to melt snow and ice buildup on contact with sealed heating elements that radiate 230º of heat throughout the silicone blade for superior visibility and extreme efficiency. 


Product Features:

  • Prevents Ice Build Up - Eliminate ice and snow from accumulating on the blades to keep your windshield streak-free.

  • Heavy-Duty LED Lighted Switch - Your kit includes a heavy-duty Heat Control Switch that gets mounted inside your cab allowing for fast wiper heat control.

  • Easy Installation - Installation takes only 30 minutes and requires only basic tools.

  • All-Weather Dependable - Count on your wiper blades year-round in all weather conditions, from spring thunderstorms to -40F snow storms.

  • Durable Silicone Blades - Quality silicone blades last 3 times longer and are made tough to endure extreme conditions.


What’s in the box?
Two (2) blades with heated rubber and heated frame
Wiring Harness


Installation Instructions:

Heated Windshield Wiper Kit Installation Instructions


Looking for a refill/replacement blade? Order our Everblades® Replacement Heated Wiper Assembly.

Want to add a circuit? See our add a circuit product 

  • 5
    heated wipers

    Posted by Terry on 20th Jan 2022

    Best wipers for snowplowing I just wish I would of ordered these along time ago. Very easy install.

  • 5
    Love them so far..

    Posted by Bladden on 19th Jan 2022

    Wish the wires could be hid better but that’s minor 10/10

  • 5
    Heated wipers kit

    Posted by Lyle Stevens on 28th Dec 2021

    I have them on both my highway trucks and my wife and daughters cars. They come off for the summer , last winter I ran into an early snow storm before I put them on and the results of that were devastating. I couldn't see because the heavy wet snow piled up on my ordinary blades. I couldn't see and couldn't get off the road the clean them. To summarize, I wouldn't be without them.

  • 4
    Easy Install

    Posted by Victor Maurer on 7th Dec 2021

    I'm giving this product 4 stars for the ease of install on our 2019 F550 with outfitter switches. The wiring was very easy and it went very smoothly, and they work. Now we are waiting on snow and ice to try in real world conditions. Once we see how they perform I will be more than happy to raise this to 5 stars.

  • 5
    Heated blades

    Posted by Scott Williamson on 2nd Dec 2021

    Had for years and just reordered new pair of blades once you have them you will never go back to regular winter wipers !!!!

  • 4
    Good product, poor execution

    Posted by Michael Speights on 15th Nov 2021

    Installed these yesterday on my wife's Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and they work great. Installation is pretty straightforward and everything you need is included in the kit. Wipers get hot to the touch quickly and I'm sure will perform as needed when the snow hits. My problem with these is the quality control in manufacturing. During my install I spent a lot of time tracking down why, 1. I couldn't get power to the switch. 2. The driver side wiper did not get hot but the left one did. Both problems ended up being a faulty ground connection. Not on my part but on the manufacturers. The wires were crimped so hard on the connection the were cut. So you couldn't see the disconnect but it would not ground. I cut the connection off, stripped the wire and reconnected to the same location. Now all was well and it worked perfectly. But it took me over an hour to track the problem, maybe my fault for taking so long but you shouldn't have to fix 150 dollar wiper blades coming out of the box.

  • 4

    Posted by Julie Cliche on 17th Sep 2021

    Excellent service et livraison rapide!

  • 4
    Everblades Heated Windshield Wiper Kit

    Posted by David on 8th Feb 2021

    Great Product I installed them in a 1997 Freightliner FLD120. They fit perfectly. They installed very easy. They worked great, did not ice up at all during plowing for 18 hrs. Would have given 5 stars if not for the noise they make on the windshield.

  • 4
    wipe blades

    Posted by Shawn Davis on 2nd Feb 2021

    I love the wipers. they work very well. the only thing is the thin metal strip inside the wipers keeps coming out. an tonight the switch burnt-out. other than that. I would get another set. thanks.