Be Cautious with Windshield Replacements

10th Aug 2014

We trust our windshield to keep us safe while driving, a barrier between us and the road. But what happens when this important element of your vehicle gets damaged? In today’s world, windshield replacement scams are on the rise, so it is important to understand how your windshield gets damaged and the appropriate time to replace it.

Why is there a Chip in the Windshield?

Your vehicle’s windshield is subject to all sorts of extreme conditions that can cause damages. Differences in the temperature inside your vehicle to the surface of the windshield can create chips. When it is hot outside, and your air conditioner is on full blast, the collision of the two extremes can stress the windshield. This is especially true in older windshields that are already deteriorating.

Have you ever been just driving along, minding your own business, when the vehicle in front of you kicks up a rock? Even small pebbles can nick or chip your windshield at fast speeds. Similarly, when your windshield is coated with a layer of road grime and you turn on your windshield wipers, the pressure of the wiper blades can grind the dirt and debris into your windshield and cause damage. For tips on how to prevent your windshield wipers from becoming the culprit to your windshield replacements, check out Everblades article on how quality wiper blades protect your windshield.

Sometimes, it’s hard to identify why there is suddenly a chip or a crack in your windshield. The big question is whether or not you need a replacement or a repair.

When to Replace Your Windshield

Not every nick or scratch warrants a full windshield replacement, especially as technology moves forward, allowing for quality repairs that save you money and save your windshield. Experts suggest that a crack under 3 inches long, or a chip that is smaller than a quarter, can be repaired without risk of further damage. Such repairs, depending on size and your vehicle, can run as low as $50.

The size, the type and the location of the damage to your windshield should affect the recommendations between repairs and replacements. If a crack is closer to the edge, it will probably warrant a complete replacement. And many auto glass specialists will not perform repairs that are directly in the line of sight for the driver. If it is a ‘star’ shaped crack, it will most likely need to be replaced, as this type of crack can quickly weaken the whole windshield, no matter the location.

Before going ahead with any windshield replacement or repair, make sure that you are choosing a trusted professional with a good reputation.

Watch Out for Windshield Scams

The last several years have seen a significant rise in windshield replacement fraud and scams. News around the country is reporting false insurance claims, parking lot scam artists, and inferior windshield work. These actions are not only illegal, but put you at risk on the road. If a windshield replacement is done with cheap glass, it could shatter suddenly while you are driving, or simply collapse unexpectedly.

A major auto glass company has been accused of charging insurance covered replacements at one rate, with a lower rate for retail customers. This may not sound so bad, until you realize that this raises insurance rates for everyone. In 2013, several companies in Tampa Bay were accused of pushing windshield replacements on people who did not need the service at all. In Sacramento, several people have just been sentenced for fraudulent insurance claims for impersonating a policy holder – they submitted over 1000 fake claims! Another company was convicted of submitting claims for more expensive auto glass than they were actually installing.

The lesson to be learned is that it’s important to be able to identify whether your windshield actually needs to be replaced. And if your vehicle does need a windshield replacement, make sure to choose a professional that you can trust, preferably with a strong reputation. Look around online for reviews and warning signs and always double check your bill to verify you, or your insurance, were charged the proper amount. Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion!

Quality Windshield Wipers are Good for Your Windshield

Prevention is always key in maintaining every element of your vehicle. Don’t settle for cheap windshield wipers that will deteriorate quickly and scratch up your windshield. Go with a trusted wiper blade that will last and won’t cause unnecessary damage. Everblades Heated Windshield Wipers are made with high-performance silicone rubber blades that last considerably longer than cheap rubber wiper blades. Have a question about our product? We’re happy to help! With Everblades, you get a product you can rely on and a company you can trust!

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