Get Your Everblades Wiper Blades Before the First Snow Hits Your Windshield!

22nd Oct 2014

It’s inevitable – winter is coming! And with it comes icy rain and snow and freezing or sub-zero temperatures. Remember last winter?

Winter Windshield WipersLast winter was so cold that nobody wanted to be out there anymore than necessary. You did anything you could do to reduce your time out in the cold. Going somewhere in your vehicle – whether it was to and from work, running errands or shopping for groceries – often meant dealing with icy rain, bitter cold or snow, sometimes all three!

Winter Windshield Woes

There is no avoiding the added work to hit the road once the snow starts falling. First, you have to go out in the cold and brush off the snow and/or ice from your vehicle. Meanwhile, your vehicle has to be warmed up for the windshield defrosts to begin to work so that you can gently loosen the wiper blades to scrape the window. Next, you have to clean the snow and ice off your windshield, wiper blades and wiper arms. And, if you aren’t using Everblades Heated Windshield Wipers, think rinse and repeat because you will have to keep stopping on the side of the road to re-clean your wiper blades!

Winter Wiper Blades

Brush the snow off your vehicle, start your engine, turn on the defroster, and flip the switch that turns on your Everblades Heated Windshield Wipers. Then go back in the house for a few minutes to allow your defroster to do its job before attempting to scrape off the windshield. An even better practice is to allow your vehicle’s heat to run at a moderate temperature before turning on your defroster, because the glass could be damaged if heated too quickly.

It’s crucial to be thorough when scraping your windshield – clearing just the driver’s side will leave you with blind spots that could decrease your safety on already dangerous roads, and could impair or even damage your wiper blades. And don’t forget about the other windows of your vehicle. Side and rear windows should also be fully clear for good visibility. You may dread this winter task, but with Everblades quality wiper blades working with your vehicle’s defroster, you can enjoy a clear line of sight without having to stop on the side of the road every few miles to knock built-up snow from your windshield wipers.

Wiper Blades Designed For YOU!

Everblades Heated Windshield Wipers are available for most cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and RVs, as well as commercial vehicles. They work with your defroster to keep your windshield and wiper blades clear and free of ice and snow while you are on the road. Heat is radiated through the wiper blades to prevent ice buildup and, at the same time, a second heating element keeps the pivot points of your wiper frame clear and moving freely.

The installation kit includes a laminated on/off switch that you can mount on or under your dash for easy on-and-off control. Installation usually takes less than a half hour and requires only basic tools. Replacements are also easy to install – simply unplug the old ones and plug in the replacement wiper blades.

Everblades are very durable, last longer than most, and can be used year-round so they will keep your windshield clear, no matter what the season. Made in the USA, they are backed by a no-hassle 12 month guarantee. Get ahead of winter and order your heated windshield wipers today! Install Everblades on your vehicle before the snow hits and you’ll be looking forward to winter and your first chance to try out your hot new wipers!


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