Summer is Coming – Is your Windshield Ready?

Posted by Everblades on 2nd May 2014

There’s nothing like an excessively cold and long winter to make everyone extra excited to see signs of spring. We are eager to say goodbye to all that snow and the bad driving conditions. As you get geared up for summer, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is properly equipped to deal with the changing environmental factors that come with it.

Seasonal Windshield Wipers

Just like your house needs different care and preparation for each season, so does your car. Take the time to make sure your windshield and windshield wipers are ready. In the winter, you have to consider snow and ice buildup, which can be better managed with Everblades Heated Windshield Wipers. And Everblades wipers are a good choice year round because our blades are made from durable silicone that can withstand the heat and sunshine of the summer season!

As the rainy season sets in, make sure your wiper blades are performing as they should. If you are seeing streaks or wet spots left behind when using your windshield wipers, it’s probably time to change them. Although Everblades silicone wipers last longer than standard rubber ones, everything wears out eventually and it’s better to replace your windshield wipers before they are lowering your visibility.

Check Your Windshield Washer Fluid

Mud, insects and dust can all impair your visibility in the warmer seasons. Your washer fluid works with your windshield wipers to keep your windshield clean and your view clear. And a clean windshield helps prolong the life of your wiper blades. Fill your washer fluid often to ensure safe driving this summer.

In a cold climate, you want a windshield washer fluid that is designed to withstand freezing temperatures but summer brings different conditions. The same washer fluid isn’t as effective in different seasons so make sure to switch to a summer fluid that is specifically designed to fight insect and muddy grime. Make sure to choose a good washer fluid that won’t harm your cars paint or windshield wipers.

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