Windshield Wipers, Fuel Efficiency & Gas Prices = Big Savings!

17th Jan 2015

“Can you believe the price of gas these days?” We have all had that conversation in recent years, as the cost of a gallon of gas became unreasonable overnight. And there hadn’t been any sign of relief, as those numbers just kept rising. All of a sudden, the conversation has changed. “Can you believe the price of gas?” has taken a positive tone, as drivers are ecstatic at filling up their tanks for less than $50!

Digging a little bit deeper into the national gas prices shows what a major impact these pretty little numbers are going to make for our country. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) stated that average annual fuel expenses in 2015 is expected to fall under $2000 for the first time in years. And any savings for your vehicle is great news!

Following the Fluctuating Prices of Gasoline

We all know that prices have been high and going up for a long time, but exactly what is the difference? To put it into perspective, let’s look at the bigger picture over the last decade of the per gallon cost for gas.

2005 - $2.27

2010 - $2.78

One Year Ago (January 2014) - $3.31

One Month Ago (December 2014) - $2.55

Today’s Average - $2.09 and falling!!

  • As reported on and by the EIA

What a major difference! In fact, many areas of the country are seeing prices well under $2.00, and every state is experiencing lower costs. California, Washington and New York have some of the highest prices while the lowest can be found in Missouri, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. This will be the first time that the average price per gallon has bottomed out below $2.00 in the last 6 years, and the industry is telling us that the prices are going to fall even more than expected!

It’s worth noting that diesel prices are not catching up with gas decreases. Although diesel fueled vehicles can often be more fuel efficient, at-the-pump expenses aren’t happening and there is no sign that this will change majorly in the near future.

What Does This Mean For Drivers?

So how will this great news affect you? Well, it depends on what you are driving and how much driving you do. As fuel efficiency continues to improve on new vehicles, this is a great year to own a newer car for the biggest savings, as more and more vehicles are averaging 50-60 miles per gallon. However, many of us are still driving those 10 or 20 year old cars, and just dreaming of fuel efficiency and a tank of gas that will get us farther than 300 miles!

If look about online, you will find a few gas estimators, like that can give you a real good idea of how much you will be spending this year based off of the current prices. But no matter how fuel efficient your vehicle is or how many miles you put on, the future is bright for your wallet!

Stuck with Low MPG? Save With Quality Windshield Wipers!

Just because you can’t control the fuel efficiency of your vehicle (and a new car isn’t in your horizon), doesn’t mean you have to miss out completely. By installing quality windshield wipers and following some basic guidelines, you can still make a difference. Even keeping your tires aired up properly helps, and reducing the frequency of changing vehicle parts is key.

The average American puts just under 13,500 miles on their vehicle each year. And the average wiper blade wears out in less than 6,000. When you spend a few extra dollars for a high quality, durable windshield wiper, you can see huge returns. Everblades Heated Windshield Wipers last 2-3 times longer than a standard blade, and we have even heard from truck drivers that their wipers worked great for years!

Why go through the hassle of changing low performance wiper blades every few months – or more if you cover a lot of miles – when you could experience great visibility, longer endurance and safer driving with a quality blade?

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