Preparing for Winter

6th Nov 2013

Getting a car ready for winter is a big process, but by making sure everything is done right before the snow starts falling, you can have a safe and secure vehicle that easily lasts through the whole season. The same way a thick coat won’t keep your feet dry; there are several different things to look at when preparing your car for winter.

As with any car check, make sure all your lights are working and there aren’t any holes or cracks in the casings. This is especially important in the winter, as freezing and thawing water could easily turn a small crack into a large one. At the same time, check your battery and fuses for corrosion or bad connections.

Next, look over your tires. Winter driving requires a wide, thick tread that resists icy buildup and provides traction on slick surfaces. Any worn or bald tires should be replaced immediately.

The salt used on many roads during the winter can easily eat through exposed paint, rubbers and plastics. Give your car a thorough wax job and keep it clean throughout the winter. If you take it through a carwash, make sure to add an undercoat.

Lastly, make sure you have a winter-ready washer fluid and fully opened washer nozzles. Check your wiper blades for wear or cracks. For added protection, replace them with Everblades Heated windshield wipers. Their simple one button switch keeps the blade and arm free of ice and snow buildup in the worst of weather.