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Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Driver

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and we are all busy trying to work through that gift list. The younger ones may not be much of a challenge, but what to give to your aunt, uncle, or business partner? Chances are, most of the adults on your Christmas list own a vehicle and spend quite a bit of time [...]

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Winter Windshield Wipers Vs. Roadside Snow Washes

Seeing clearly on the roads this winter can be more difficult than it sounds. Even with high quality winter windshield wipers, your windshield faces some pretty tough challenges. All that road salt and grime being sprayed up over your vehicle, iced over windshield washers, and frozen windshield wipers can leave you with a dirty, streaked windshield. But what can you [...]

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Winter Freezes EVERYTHING – Even Your Wiper Blades!

As the winter cold settles in, many of us are already experiencing problems with our vehicles. Your windshield is iced up, car doors won’t open or shut, and wiper blades get frozen to the windshield. Naturally, this is annoying, but taking the wrong approach to unfreezing your car can actually cost you expensive damages. But how to get all [...]

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Protect Your Vehicle From Winter Driving Conditions

As temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, we are all tensing up for those tough winter conditions. You are likely dreading cold mornings of digging out your vehicle, scraping off your windshield, and cleaning snow from windshield wipers. Not to mention icy roads, low visibility and slowed traffic. And icy roads mean road salt, which has the potential [...]

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Headlights & Windshield Wipers – Know the Law!

It is no fun to receive a traffic ticket, no matter the cause, but if you get stuck with fines for a violation you didn't even know existed, it’s a real slap in the face. Arguably, there are tons of laws and traffic rules that the average person is not familiar with. But if you follow best practices for safe driving and [...]

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The Windshield Team: Windshield Wipers, Defroster & Washer Fluid

When the weather is foggy, rainy or snowy, your windshield depends on its partners to keep your visibility good for safe driving. Without the defroster, your windshield wipers and quality washer fluid, your windshield will continue to collect moisture and dirt as you drive, impairing your line of sight. But how do these elements work together?Your Windshield Battles the Elements [...]

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Get Your Everblades Wiper Blades Before the First Snow Hits Your Windshield!

It’s inevitable – winter is coming! And with it comes icy rain and snow and freezing or sub-zero temperatures. Remember last winter?Last winter was so cold that nobody wanted to be out there anymore than necessary. You did anything you could do to reduce your time out in the cold. Going somewhere in your vehicle – whether it [...]

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Stock Your Car For Winter!

You may remember that fall is the time to check your windshield wipers and make sure they are ready for the coming snow, but have you thought to check your trunk? You never know what will happen in a winter storm, and a well-prepared vehicle can make all the difference. This is especially true if you are on the [...]

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What’s Your Winter Windshield Wiper Solution?

There are some pretty creative winter solutions out there to keep your windshield wipers working well. Some make sense, and some are just silly, such as putting your sock over your wiper blade when you are parked. That sounds like a waste of a good sock! When it comes to seeing clearly this winter, skip the other options and [...]

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Windshield Wipers in Science

Have you ever thought about the scientific possibilities for windshield wipers? Typically, you don’t even consider your windshield wipers at all, until they stop working! Much less other possible uses or purpose for your wiper blades. But some scientists in Germany have.Windshield Wipers in the RainWe all know how our windshield wipers work. When it rains (or snows), you [...]

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