Quality Windshield Wipers Built to Meet Truckers Standards!

24th Aug 2014

Safety on the road is a top priority for our nation’s hardworking CDL drivers! There are tons of factors that are beyond control, but your windshield should not be one of them. Decreased visibility in bad weather can turn a rough drive into a life-threatening situation in the blink of an eye. Your windshield wipers can make all the difference!

Did you know that windshield wipers are one of the top 3 leading causes of mechanical failure related accidents on the road? With Everblades Windshield Wipers on your rig, you will enjoy better visibility for safer driving, reduced wiper blade hassle, AND increased productivity! Order your set to see for yourself what a difference Everblades windshield wipers make!

Safer Driving for Truckers!

Everblades is proud to make a product that CDL drivers can rely on. Our windshield wipers are made in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where record snow falls and hard winters create a constant challenge for drivers. Everblades are built tough to face the challenge and will keep working effectively through any weather, even when it’s 40 below!

As a CDL driver, you want to have the best visibility possible at all times for your own safety AND the safety of every driver on the road. Low quality windshield wipers can leave streaks across your windshield that impair your vision. They can even fail altogether in extreme weather conditions. Don’t risk an accident because of deteriorating or inferior windshield wipers! Everblades wipers work with your defroster to keep your windshield and wiper blades clear of dangerous ice and snow. Improved visibility means safer driving!

Skip the Hassle with Everblades Heated Windshield Wipers!

Everblades wipers are perfect for truck drivers because semi-trucks are more susceptible to the dangerous buildup of ice and snow on windshield wipers than smaller vehicles. A semi’s windshield is typically more vertical and is meeting the wind and elements head on. All drivers struggle with keeping their wipers clean, but truck drivers are faced with an even bigger challenge!

The average driver may be tempted to play ‘wiper tag’ with their windshield wipers by sticking their hand out the window and trying to catch the wiper blade to bang off snow and ice. For truck drivers, this is both unpractical and dangerous! It’s not safe to divert attention from the road, even for a moment. And simply pulling over on the side of the road to clear the wipers isn’t usually an option for a semi driver. Do you have the time to hunt for a safe spot to park your rig to clean your wiper blades?

With Everblades Heated Windshield Wipers, these dangerous tactics can be avoided because the heated squeegee and wiper frame prevent snow and ice from sticking to your wipers. This “Trucker tested” solution will keep you on the road while providing better visibility in bad driving conditions!

Better Productivity for Truck Drivers

Drivers who are forced to find a place to park and to climb up their cab to clear their windshield wipers are losing time on the road. And changing your windshield wipers every couple of months is cumbersome and time-consuming. Our quality silicone wipers are built to withstand the environmental conditions that cause standard rubber blades to deteriorate quickly. This means that you don’t have to worry about replacing your windshield wipers as often, saving you time and money!

When you drive for a living, you need a windshield wiper that meets the highest performance standards to keep you on the road. You need a wiper that is consistently reliable at keeping your windshield clear. Don’t settle for wet spots or streaks impairing your line of sight.

Order Everblades Heated Windshield Wipers For Your Truck Today!