Heated Wiper - Single Replacement

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Everblades perfect fit

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This is a single replacement blade assembly for the Everblades Heated Windshield Wiper Kit. Each heated wiper blade is engineered to melt snow and ice buildup on contact with sealed heating elements that radiate 230º of heat throughout the silicone blade for superior visibility and extreme efficiency.


What’s in the box? 
One (1) assembly with heated rubber and frame.


Product Features:

  • Prevents Ice Build Up - Eliminate ice and snow from accumulating on the blades to keep your windshield streak-free.

  • Heavy-Duty LED Lighted Switch - Your kit includes a heavy-duty Heat Control Switch that gets mounted inside your cab allowing for fast wiper heat control.

  • Easy Installation - Installation takes only 30 minutes and requires only basic tools.

  • All-Weather Dependable - Count on your wiper blades year-round in all weather conditions, from spring thunderstorms to -40F snow storms.

  • Durable Silicone Blades - Quality silicone blades last 3 times longer and are made tough to endure extreme conditions.


Installation Instructions:

Single Replacement Blade Assembly (Refill) Instructions


Please note that replacements are sold Individually (one assembly). If you need a replacement for more than one wiper blade, please order the appropriate number of replacement assemblies.




  • 5
    They work in cooler temps

    Posted by Peter on 14th Nov 2019

    Like winter tires these work better than conventional blades even in above freezing temperatures
    Just urn on the heat at temps of 40 and below.

  • 5
    Great Wipers

    Posted by Jeremy Tingey on 9th Mar 2018

    I never knew how much better winter driving could be until I installed these wipers on my truck. Not only are they quality wipers, but they are HEATED. If you drive a Freightliner Cascadia with their poor wiper system where snow and ice will pile up on your wipers and not clear your windshield, you need a pair of Everblades.

  • 5
    They are a life saver

    Posted by Phillip M Raboin on 17th Feb 2018

    Pryor to having heated blades, the windshield would ice up, then the blades would accumulate ice to the point I only had a small sliver of clear windshield I could see thru. This alway's happened when there was no place to stop. Once you did get it cleared it would take no time for this process to start again. With Everblades I don't have this worry. Its bad enough to deal with everything else in a winter storm. When I can't see the road I think that is the most dangerous.

  • 3
    They Work

    Posted by Rodney on 19th Jan 2018

    They do work. I drive a transport truck and always had to bang my wipers every 20 minutes. With these, it keep the ice and snow off in snowy conditions, but can become over whelmed if it gets to be blizzard conditions. They would be perfect if they got hotter or larger heating coils.

  • 4
    love my heated blades

    Posted by Zack Fall on 21st Dec 2017

    While they do seem a bit pricey I love my heated blades, they keep the snow and ice from building up so well.

  • 5
    Best thing I ever did!

    Posted by Brian Masterson on 5th Dec 2017

    Best wipers ever! I’ve been plowing snow in the western New York (Buffalo) area for 15 years. As you can imagine, we deal with some heavy snowfalls. I started using these wipers about 5 years ago, and now I won’t go plowing without them. Even during the worst conditions, I never have to stop and “flick” my wipers. Not only does this save me time, but certainly makes things safer. Although I might get 2 seasons out of a set, I typically replace them each season to ensure I won’t have a problem. Our area uses a lot of salt on the roads which caused corrosion, but even if I had to buy a new set each month it would be worth it! Typically our 5 month winter is no problem for a set. Also worth noting.......I have spoken to the owner (I think) a time or 2 about my order and must say he’s a great guy and service is awesome. Orders show up quickly and always fit whatever I order them for.

  • 4
    wiper that do what they say

    Posted by david w anderson sr on 1st Nov 2017

    no problems

  • 4

    Posted by Bill on 30th Oct 2017

    These make driving in freezing rain and snow a lot safer!! I would give 5 stars but did not think they wipe as good as regular all season wipers but frozen wipers build up and become dangerous to drive with. Just bought my second pair. Maybe these will clear the rain better…

  • 5
    Great Idea!

    Posted by T. Carter Page on 24th Oct 2017

    Great product, just replaced originals that were 3-seasons old.
    I've driven in blinding snowstorms, with no issues with snow and/or ice buildup on the blades. Don't know why these aren't a standard on cars, or at least an option from the dealer.

    I would like to see a single connector, housing both wires, like a waterproof, two-wire trailer connector.