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Prepare Your Windshield Wipers for Winter

Your windshield is an important safety feature of your vehicle, protecting you from the elements that would otherwise come rushing at you while you are driving. But safe driving requires more than just a windshield – your windshield wipers and washer fluid work together to keep your view through your windshield clear. As we head into the fall color [...]

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What’s Going on with My Windshield Wipers?

Your vehicle’s windshield wipers are probably not something you think about every day. In fact, you likely NEVER give them a single thought, until they start acting up. In a perfect world, your vehicle is equipped with high quality, durable windshield wipers (like Everblades!) that rarely need attention. Or you know exactly when you need to replace your wipers, [...]

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Everblades Encourages School Bus Safety

Children around the nation are getting ready to return to school this week. Everblades reminds everyone that driver awareness and school bus safety are critical to protect our youth on their journey to and from school.Drive Cautious Around School Buses and In School ZonesEvery driver on the road has a responsibility to help students get to and from school [...]

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Find Your Favorite Windshield Wiper Company on Facebook!

Everblades has been helping drivers stay safe on the road for more than 20 years! With a heated windshield wiper system and superior wiper blade performance, Everblades makes sure you can see clearly without the hassle. These trucker tested and approved windshield wipers have been proven to last longer than standard wiper systems. Discover unbeatable windshield wiper performance with Everblades Heated [...]

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Quality Windshield Wipers Built to Meet Truckers Standards!

Safety on the road is a top priority for our nation’s hardworking CDL drivers! There are tons of factors that are beyond control, but your windshield should not be one of them. Decreased visibility in bad weather can turn a rough drive into a life-threatening situation in the blink of an eye. Your windshield wipers can make all the [...]

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From Basic Brushes to Heated Blades – The History of Windshield Wipers

Did you know that windshield wipers were a useful safety feature of automobiles as long ago as 1903? Of course, the initial versions of wipers are nothing like what is available today – this element of your vehicle has come a long way! And we’re sure that inventor Mary Anderson could never have imagined heated wiper blades like Everblades!Windshield [...]

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Be Cautious with Windshield Replacements

We trust our windshield to keep us safe while driving, a barrier between us and the road. But what happens when this important element of your vehicle gets damaged? In today’s world, windshield replacement scams are on the rise, so it is important to understand how your windshield gets damaged and the appropriate time to replace it.Why is there [...]

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Go Green with Your Windshield Wipers

We all try to be environmentally aware and responsible, but this is especially difficult when it comes to your vehicle. Short of buying a new hybrid or electric car, it can seem like there’s not much the average person can do to reduce their vehicles environmental footprint. Choosing a silicone windshield wiper blade, like Everblades, over [...]

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Why do Wiper Blades Need Replacing So Often?

This is a question we all ask ourselves while changing windshield wipers in the dark and the rain in a  parking lot. One answer is – they don’t if you use a durable wiper blade, like Everblades. The fact is, though, that all wiper blades eventually wear out. By understanding the factors that contribute to your wipers deterioration, [...]

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Summer is Coming – Is your Windshield Ready?

There’s nothing like an excessively cold and long winter to make everyone extra excited to see signs of spring. We are eager to say goodbye to all that snow and the bad driving conditions. As you get geared up for summer, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is properly equipped to deal with the [...]

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