Be Cautious with Windshield Replacements

11th Aug 2014

We trust our windshield to keep us safe while driving, a barrier between us and the road. But what happens when this important element of your vehicle gets damaged? In today’s world, windshield repl … read more

Go Green with Your Windshield Wipers

Posted by Everblades on 7th May 2014

We all try to be environmentally aware and responsible, but this is especially difficult when it comes to your vehicle. Short of buying a new hybrid or electric car, it can seem like there’s not much … read more

Why do Wiper Blades Need Replacing So Often?

Posted by Everblades on 5th May 2014

This is a question we all ask ourselves while changing windshield wipers in the dark and the rain in a  parking lot. One answer is – they don’t if you use a durable wiper blade, like Everbla … read more

Summer is Coming – Is your Windshield Ready?

Posted by Everblades on 2nd May 2014

There’s nothing like an excessively cold and long winter to make everyone extra excited to see signs of spring. We are eager to say goodbye to all that snow and the bad driving conditions. As you get … read more