Keeping the windshield water free

28th Jan 2014

Everblades heated windshield wipers are a great way of keeping snow and ice from accumulating on your wipers. They have two heating elements, one on the wiper arm and one in the squeegee, which melts … read more

Polar Vortex

8th Jan 2014

The ‘hot’ news for the last few weeks has been the polar vortex affecting the central United States. The big question is - what exactly is a polar vortex, and why is it making it so cold? The answer i … read more

How do Defrosters Work?

19th Dec 2013

When you defrost the windshield of your car there is a lot more that goes on than simply blowing hot air. Unlike other heater settings, the defroster utilizes other parts of the heating and cooling sy … read more

What is Freezing Rain?

19th Dec 2013

Exactly what makes up freezing rain is one of the questions many people draw a blank on. With most weather conditions, its easy to tell what’s going on just by looking out the window. Freezing rain is … read more

Preparing for Winter

6th Nov 2013

Getting a car ready for winter is a big process, but by making sure everything is done right before the snow starts falling, you can have a safe and secure vehicle that easily lasts through the whole … read more