Quality Wiper Blades Help Protect Your Windshield

Posted by Everblades on 25th Apr 2014

We have all been there – you are driving along happily when the vehicle in front of you kicks up a little pebble, right at your windshield. Because it leaves just a small chip that’s not in yo … read more

Wiper Blades Are NOT All Equal

Posted by Everblades on 19th Apr 2014

Choosing a wiper blade for your vehicle is easy, right? WRONG! It is never a good idea to go with the cheapest models available, and this is especially true if you live in a region with an extrem … read more

To Salt or Not To Salt?

Posted by Everblades on 4th Mar 2014

A common part of winter all over the US is road salt. This salt is dumped on roads from coast to coast, amounting to nearly 22 tons every year. Another common part of winter is the debate on whethe … read more

What makes a heated wiper?

Posted by Everblades on 28th Feb 2014

When you look at a windshield wiper, it really doesn't seem that complicated. There is a rubber bit that pushes water off the windshield - that’s it. But all you need to do to see how false that tr … read more

Alberta Clippers

30th Jan 2014

The Midwest can’t seem to catch a break in the weather; right on the heels of the polar vortex comes a series of Alberta Clippers. These are another common atmospheric condition that brings frigid air … read more